Carpet is a great addition to many spaces. It provides warmth and comfort, adds beauty and style, softens slips and falls, reduces noise, and if it is properly maintained can last many years. Despite their aesthetic warmth and welcoming softness however, carpets have a dark side. Due to their fibrous make-up, carpets are not only quite difficult to clean properly but have an unbelievably large surface area, which means more space for dirt and more opportunity for bacteria to live and multiply. Fortunately, at Grip Hygiene Supplies, we have everything you need to take care or your carpet. The question is, how do you actually keep carpets clean?

Vacuum frequently

We tell our customers that one of the best things you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it frequently with a quality vacuum cleaner. This will remove all dust and debris from the fibers, protecting the carpet fibers from wear and maintaining the vivid colour of the carpet.

As you vacuum, take your time as you go over the carpet making sure that every area is vacuumed. Also, make sure to pay special attention to high traffic areas. Often people ask how often the carpets should be vacuumed. As a rule of thumb, it is best to vacuum the carpets three to four times per week. One of those times should be a deep vacuuming where the crevice tool is used to get along baseboards and other hard to reach surfaces.

Freshen the Carpets

You also want to freshen your carpets occasionally. This will help eliminate any odors that might be in the carpets. For general freshening and the elimination of odours the most effective course of action is to use a carpet deodouriser with bactericidal properties. It is not a nice subject to think about, but much of the time the origin of malodours are bacteria feeding off decaying matter, in this instance this decaying matter would be that found on the fibres of your carpet -- simply vacuuming your carpet will not be an effective solution to this problem. Bactericidal deodorisers will kill this bacteria and leave a pleasant fragrance, however this matter may still remain and over time bacteria will again multiply and the smell will likely return. To ensure that odours are eliminated for good, a more thorough cleaning process is required.


Urine NeutraliserClensanOdour Fresh


Spots and Spills

Spots and stain marks never aggravated civilization as much as they had upon invention and proliferation of the carpet. We have learned much from the past and our effectiveness in removing and treating a wide array of stains is dependent upon the processes and products we use to clean. The methods for cleaning red wine for example would be different than those used to remove chewing gum or ink stains from carpets.Stain Pro


In most cases the trick is to act fast for effective cleaning, thus the best way if you care about your carpets is to have these products already on-hand. If stain removal is to be part of an overall clean, the best practice is to first blot the affected area to remove any excess and avoid spreading the stain any further, then to 'spot clean' the problem area with a product designed for the job (e.g Red Rx for the removal of red wine stains and food colorings) applying the product to the area effected then dab excess moisture away. Following this you can continue with a full comprehensive extraction clean. Bear in mind that results can vary on a number of factors including carpet material, carpet thickness and obviously the type and age of the stain in question, but following these steps and keeping in stock products suitable for the job will ensure you are the best equipped to effectively eliminate stains.

Coffee Stain remover



For spot cleaning, Grip Hygiene Supplies have a variety of products available from Prochem, Craftex, Selden and under the Grip label, including the Solvall Spotter, the Neutral Pro-Spotter, Urine Neutraliser, Red Rx, the Coffee Stain Remover, Stain Pro, and Solvex. Each of these products is specially designed to remove specific types of stains.


Deep Clean

Once spots and stains have been attended to, the process to properly and thoroughly clean a carpet is as follows: Dilute a carpet cleaner such as Extraction Plus or our own Grip 359 Extraction Carpet Cleaner in an extraction machine to the correct concentration. Using the spray on the extraction hose, thoroughly spray the entire floor with the detergent solution. Once you have given time for solution to work itself into the carpet, use the vacuum to suck up as much moisture as possible. Once you have followed this step, empty the extraction cleaner and refill with cold clean water, then spray the carpet again. Follow this with extraction for a final time until the carpet is left just damp.Depending on how much use a carpet gets, at Grip Hygiene Supplies we recommend deep cleaning it every 6 to 12 months with a high quality carpet extraction cleaner and a good quality carpet cleaning detergent.

We have a variety of products available to deep clean your carpets. Try our Pre-Spray Gold to pretreat your carpet. For heavily soiled areas try our Traffic Clean for hallways and entrance areas where people are more likely to bring dirt in from outside.

It is worth noting that Carpet cleaning is something that is on the whole quite misunderstood, people often complain of faster resoiling following regular carpet cleaning, particularly in high traffic areas. Common mistakes include under-diluting carpet detergent and neglecting to thoroughly rinse the detergent out of the carpet at the end of the clean. This leaves a detergent residue on the carpet which then acts as a lubricant that actually removes the dirt from the soles of shoes which then adheres to the carpets, causing them to soil faster.

Protect Your Carpet

After your carpet has been cleaned, you can protect your carpet from spills and stains. We recommend using our Fluroseal Plus which coats carpet fibers to prevent a variety of stains.

If you take the time to properly care for your carpet, it will maintain its beauty and usefulness for many years. We at Grip Hygiene Supplies can help. We have products to meet all of your carpet care needs. Visit our website to take a look at our products, and do see our contact us page to send us any questions your might have regarding your carpet care.