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Stain Removers

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    Prochem B144 Stain Pro 5L

    A heavy duty water based solvent and alkaline spotter for neutralising acidic or oily stains on carpet and fabric. Prochem B144 Stain Pro is effective for use on stains such as coffee, milk, cream, wine and most foods. Clear liquid with mint fragrance.

    B144 Safety Sheet.PDF

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    Prochem B195 Coffee Stain Remover

    A specially formulated stain remover for the direct treatment of coffee, tea, tannin, beer, water marks and many other yellow and brown discolourations on carpets and fabrics. Coffee Stain Remover can be used on synthetic and natural fibre carpets, fabrics and other surfaces. Clear liquid with lemon fragrance.

    B195 Safety Sheet.PDF

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    Prochem B198 Rust Remover 1L

    Formulated for the removel of rust, iron mould and blood staind on carpet, fabric and clothing. Prochem B198 Rust Remover is economical and safe to use mildly acidic product that does not require chemical neutralisation. Clear viscous liquid.

    B198 Safety Sheet.PDF

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    Prochem A217 Ultrapac Renovate

     Prochem A217 Ultrapac Renovate is a versatile concentrated and powerful cleaner for the removal of deeply embedded  greasy soils and smoke residue.

     Prochem A217 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Prochem E400 Red Rx 1L

    RED RX is specially formulated exclusively to remove water-based stains from carpets and fabrics.  It is effective for use on ink and dye stains, food and drink colourings, fruit juices, carbonated drinks and wine stains and leaves a fresh lemon fragrance.

    E400 Safety Sheet.pdf

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