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Floor Care Chemicals

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    Grip 111 Concentrated Lemon Floor Gel (5L)

    A concentrated low-foaming hard surface cleaner and maintainer for hard surfaces. A viscous amber liquid gel, which contains natural citrus oils to leave lasting lemon freshness.

    Grip 111 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip 104 Floor Maintainer/Renovator 5L

    A low viscosity polymer floor maintainer that re-coats and repairs floors to leave a flexible slip resistant finish. Keeps maintained floors at the peak of their appearence and restores those that are losing their shine. 

    Grip 104 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  3. Product Code:


    Grip 110 Cleaner/Maintainer (5L)

    A fragrant, yellow polymeric wax floor maintainer and general cleaner. Effectively removes scuff marks and soiling from hard floors; should always be used with a burnishing machine to produce shiny and slip-resistant finish.

    Grip 110 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip 312 HD Lemon Cleaner Degreaser (5L)

    A highly concentrated alkaline cleaner for maximum dirt and grease removal. Use to remove grease, oil, grime, and nicotine stains from concrete, stainless steel, plastic and all alkaline resistant surfaces.

    Grip 312 saftety sheet.pdf

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  5. Product Code:


    Grip 404 Neutral Scrubber Drier Detergent (5L)

    Formulated for safe use within the food industry, and suitable for use in scrubber drier machines, this specialised detergent degreaser contains a blend of emulsifiers to remove food oils and fats. Grip 404 is a pH neutral, taint-free odourless blue liquid.

    Grip 404 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  6. Product Code:


    Grip 308 Alkaline Scrubber Drier Detergent (5L)

    A heavy duty alkaline cleaner inteded for use with scrubber drier machines. Grip 308 is a low foaming, water-based formula for use in all industrial environments. Effectively removes carbon deposits, dried oil, fats, grease, general dirt, blood protein, rubber and starch. Fragrance free.

    Grip 308 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  7. Product Code:


    Grip 301 Concentrated Universal Cleaner 5L

    A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate that is formulated to dissolve and remove the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish.

    Grip 301 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  8. Product Code:


    Grip 102 Polish Stripper 5L

    For the removal of polish film. This traditional alkaline flor stripper is a clear, low odour formula that is free from harsh solvents and ammonia and produces a clean recpetive base on which to apply new polish. Effective on stubborn aged-on polish.

    Grip 102 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  9. Product Code:


    Grip SD3 Advanced Scrubber Drier Detergent (5L)

    Our advanced unperfumed alkaline cleaner that removes even the toughest grease and grime and will not taint food storage areas.

    Grip SD3 Data Sheet.pdf

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  10. Product Code:


    Grip SF19 Safety Floor Cleaner 5L

    A powerful floor cleaning concentrate formulated to efficiently clean vinyl and safety flooring. Grip SF19 is incredibly effective for the removal of grease, soil and rubber marks from synthetic floors in schools, hostpitals, clinics, canteens, offices etc. 


    Grip SF19 Safety Sheet.pdf

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