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Floor Care Chemicals

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    Grip 101 Metallised Floor Polish 25%

    A superior quality acrylic polymer-based metallised floor polish. This product dries to a glossy, slip-resistant finish and protects the life of flooring materials. It is a super high solids polish that produces a low maintenance, durable finish.

    Grip 101 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip SD3 Advanced Scrubber Drier Detergent (5L)

    Our advanced unperfumed alkaline cleaner that removes even the toughest grease and grime and will not taint food storage areas.

    Grip SD3 Data Sheet.pdf

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    Grip SF19 Safety Floor Cleaner 5L

    A powerful floor cleaning concentrate formulated to efficiently clean vinyl and safety flooring. Grip SF19 is incredibly effective for the removal of grease, soil and rubber marks from synthetic floors in schools, hostpitals, clinics, canteens, offices etc. 


    Grip SF19 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Selden Seldur High Solids Floor Polish 5L

    Selden Seldur High Solids Floor Polish 5L

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    Selden V400 Floor Maintainer Concentrate 1L

    V400 Floor Maintainer is a high quality concentrated spray cleaning concentrate containing polymer and wax to add shine and durability to polished floors. Can be damp mopped and then will respond to burnishing with a soft / medium pad.

    Selden V400 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Selden Minit Gloss 5L

    Selden Minit gloss is a concentrated formula for floor cleaning and polishing. For use on all thermoplastic and synthetic floor coverings, simply apply evenly with a mop or spray, Minit gloss can then either be buffed with a rotary machine or simply be left to dry after mopping and will dry to a high gloss finish.

    Safety Sheet B027.pdf

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    Grip 108 High Solids Metallised Floor Polish

    A high quality, economical emulsion floor polish containing 20% solids, Grip 108 provides a detergent-resistant high gloss finish without the need for buffing.

    Grip 108 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip 109 Wet Look Floor Polish 25%

    A superior quality acrylic polymer-based floor polish that burnishes to a 'wet look' finish with excellent slip resistance. Grip 109 is an ultra modern polish which dries to a deep gloss, offers ultimate durability and provides the perfect base to clean, protect and prolong the life of a floor.

    Grip 109 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip 102 Polish Stripper 5L

    For the removal of polish film. This traditional alkaline flor stripper is a clear, low odour formula that is free from harsh solvents and ammonia and produces a clean recpetive base on which to apply new polish. Effective on stubborn aged-on polish.

    Grip 102 Safety Sheet.pdf

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