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Food Hygiene and Bactericides

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  1. Product Code:


    Grip 301 Concentrated Universal Cleaner 5L

    A universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate that is formulated to dissolve and remove the toughest grime and leave a spotless finish.

    Grip 301 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip SD3 Advanced Scrubber Drier Detergent (5L)

    Our advanced unperfumed alkaline cleaner that removes even the toughest grease and grime and will not taint food storage areas.

    Grip SD3 Data Sheet.pdf

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  3. Product Code:


    Selden V510 Catering Multipurpose Cleaner 1L

    Selden V510 is a concentrated odourless detergent degreaser for use on kitchen and canteen surfaces. Provides a powerful cost effective way to clean stainless steel cookers, equipment, floors and extraction units.

    Selden V510 Safety Shett.pdf

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  4. Product Code:


    Selden Selclen S Industrial Maintenance Cleaner 5L

    Selden Selclen S Industrial Maintenamce Cleaner 5L Learn More

  5. Product Code:


    Selden V500 Bactericidal Kitchen Cleaner Concentrate 1L

    Selden V500 is a powerful bactericidal detergent for use on all kitchen and canteen surfaces kills bacteria to EN1276. Also highly effective on bar tops and surrounds, vital on all surfaces around buffet hatches and self service points of sale.

    Selden V500 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  6. Product Code:


    Grip 212 Spray and Wipe Sanitiser 750ml

    A ready to use effective cleaner for use on all surfaces that provides extra protection against known bacteria, this pleasantly fragranced formula is suitable for cleaning and sanitising all general purpose areas. 

      Grip 212 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  7. Product Code:


    Grip 211 Spray and Wipe with Bleach 750ml

    A ready to use formula for housekeeping environments
    Rapidly removes mould and mildrew stains from non-porous surfaces and effecive against all types of bacteria

    Grip 211 Safety Sheet.pdf

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  8. Product Code:


    Grip 314 Concentrated Machine Dishwash 5L

    An dishwash detergent that removes stains, soiling and food deposits from cutlery and crockery. Suitable for all automatic dishwashers, this product is formulated as a clear yellow liquid with high sequestrant content that allows it to be used effectively in bot hard and soft water areas. This product also contains an anti-corrosive agent to protect dishwasher machinery.

    Grip 314 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip 419 Washing Up Liquid (5L)

    Grip 419 Washng Up Liquid (5L)

    Grip 419 Safety Sheet.pdf

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    Grip 404 Neutral Scrubber Drier Detergent (5L)

    Formulated for safe use within the food industry, and suitable for use in scrubber drier machines, this specialised detergent degreaser contains a blend of emulsifiers to remove food oils and fats. Grip 404 is a pH neutral, taint-free odourless blue liquid.

    Grip 404 Safety Sheet.pdf

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